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New Features – Mobile Feeds / Global Views Coming – Part VI

May 6, 2009

New Mobile and Other Subscription Options – Nearly all our newsradars and topics provide Mobile feeds now to make it easy to access the Industry Radar while on the go. Of course we offer email subscription options as well as newsfeed/RSS subscriptions to over 500 unique topical, event and vendor related information.

Global Views Coming – The Industry Radar attracts viewers from all over the globe, 150 countries and counting. To make The Industry Radar a more valuable resource for our international friends we will be adding “Radars” in the next few weeks for each continent and the major countries in each focusing on human resources, insurance and healthcare.

Give us less than 5 minutes of your valuable time a day and we will keep you fully informed about “The Global Business of People”.


New Features – Vendor Twitter Feeds/State Content Updated – Part V

May 6, 2009

Twittersphere – Millions of “tweets” or messages are posted daily on Twiiter. News feeds for Twitter have been added to all the main broker , carrier and vendor pages  as a content option to view. Seeing what theTwittersphere is saying about your company, your vendors or your competitors is now a critical new element that needs attention and we make it easy for you to keep track of it.


State Level Content – Each of the states pages are in the process of being updated with:

  • Relevant event, article and partner listings from the IRBN as well as
  • Links to your state’s BCBS and regional healthplan newsradars
  • Direct links to the main news sources (newspapers, business journals, and TV and radio stations) for a given state by major city.

In total over 2000 unique source links will appear in the 51 state pages making it easy and convenient for you tresearch local issues and news right at the source.


New Features – New Content/Newsradars – Part IV

May 6, 2009

New Content and Newsradars – There are hundreds of new content sources added to the ten thousand ++ that we already track. In particular we have greatly enhanced the quality of the content in our HRO area (HR Radar) as well as adding Social Media, HRIS and EHR in our Technology Radar. Dental and Vision are now included in the Employee Benefits Radar.

Over a hundred unique topics/pages/newsradars have been created for:

  • Special Reports – From the JD Powers healthplan surveys to Ingenix and more we are updating this section frequently with new topical items to track
  • BCBS plans – All 63 have their own news pages
  • Regional health plans – The 19 that were reviewed by JD Powers have their own pages now as well as all on an “Express View” page.
  • P&C Insurers – the top carriers now have their own pages just like all the group brokers, carriers, health insurers et al

more to come..

New Features – Express/Interactive Views – Part III

May 6, 2009

Main Radar Pages –The home page for each of the 7 main “Radars” are now organized as “Express Views”. All the main topics are now on one page making it easy to scan the headlines or mouse over a story to see the quick summary before clicking through to it. Click on the headers of each section to go to that topic in detail.

New Interactive Views – At the top of the drop down menu are links to the new Interactive view, an alternative way to explore The Industry Radar and its 100,000+ archived news items. Here you can sort, view, organize and share the news your way.

  • The latest news is shown in the window and you can view summaries or full text, sort new to old or vice versa, link to the original source, search that Radar’s archive by keyword or tag, by date by clicking on the calendar or by latest articles by tags on the right column.
  • In full text view you can do all sorts of things – email, create a PDF, bookmark, blog an article, share it on various social media sites or with one click do a related search on Google, Yahoo or Technorati.

more to come…

Industry Radar – New Features – Part II

May 6, 2009

Convenience and accessibility:

Organization – On the grey header bar, like the sections in USA Today, the “Radar” and its topics are now color coded to make your navigation easier. Click on the main tabs and you will see the color from medium blue for benefits, pink for healthcare etc. The middle navigation bar in the header also changes on all the related pages so you will know immediately what “Radar” or section you are in.

Drop Down Menus – On the grey header bar each Radar tab has an updated drop down menu with its topics linked below in alphabetical order.

more to come..

The Industry Radar Continues to Grow! – Part 1

May 6, 2009

Newspapers and magazines may be getting smaller but The Industry Radar continues to grow!
As The Industry Radar approaches its 3rd birthday our mission continues to be to is to take up as little of your valuable time as possible but provide the most comprehensive and timely news and information in the industry.

We will summarize the changes for you here so that you can take full advantage of the most timely, in depth and comprehensive information resource on the web for employee benefits, human resources, healthcare, retirement, property & casualty and related technologies:

  • Home Page Header – News Feeds – We now offer 500+ unique newsradars one click away from our home page. These are created from over 10,000 global, national and local, news, blog and other web sources and are updated hourly 7X24X365.
  • To get the most from what we offer subscribing to our news feeds is the way to go. The new home page header offers links to our 500+ news feeds at the very top as well as links to instructions on how to subscribe directly in your browser, directly in Outlook, iGoogle, myYahoo or news reader of choice. Links to us on Twitter and Linkedin are there as well.

more to come…