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Palin – “Send in the Clowns” – Or How Not To Play in the Big Leagues

July 3, 2009

“Is that all there is?” Saracuda resigning and trying to be taken seriously once again? I have never in my life seen anyone in public life so shallow, self absorbed and unprepared for the work she does, let alone aspires to. There is a great post at Progressive Alaska. The Vanity Fair article is even more interesting and revealing…

The good folks at Mudflats also weigh in and they are the best there is for AK politics.

Hopefully this will be the last act of this idiot…but something tells me that she isn’t smart enough to stop making a fool of herself.



Sanford Fails his “3 AM” Moment

June 24, 2009

Now that what we all thought has proven to be true just how dumb is this guy?

As a high profile outspoken governor just how did he think he could hide from the truth?

Lying to his staff and wife, turning off his phone and Blackberry, disappearing like someone who has Alzheimer’s, please!!! Hiking in Appalachia??

I could go on and on but give me a break. I could give a hoot about his personal life but would expect a man like this to at least be able to figure out a more secretive and private way to carry on an affair.

The lack of understanding of the self created media circus that follows him and his behavior here is his 3 AM moment.

God forbid he ever had to make decisions for us all!

Michael Moore on GM’s Demise

June 1, 2009

roger_and_me“Yesterday, the last surviving person from the Titanic disaster passed away. She escaped certain death that night and went on to live another 97 years.

So can we survive our own Titanic in all the Flint Michigans of this country. 60% of GM is ours. I think we can do a better job.”

Read his whole post here

Gov. Jon Huntsman to China – Game, Set, Match for the death of the GOP?

May 16, 2009

The best moderate GOP hope for 2012, Utah Gov Jon Huntsman joins team Obama and forgoes the 2012 race showing his intelligence and political savvy.

Fluent in Mandarin, his background and the opportunity to interface with China and build his resume during these transitional times would make him an obvious choice for President in 2016 – in either party.

If the GOP continues its death spiral he can either switch parties or resuscitate the GOP ..or lead the new party that rises from the ashes of a 2010/2012 GOP massacre.

Score another one for the President in putting the best person in jobs regardless of party and ideology.

As we have seen the one person who worried David Plouffe and the political side of Team Obama in 2012 was Huntsman. No more.

Not that they needed any help but Gingrich, Cantor, Cheney, Boehner, Rush et al are even more isolated now…penned in for 2012…and marked for extinction by 2016.

Lessons from the New “Star Trek” On Leadership and Teamwork

May 11, 2009

STAR TREKThe new Star trek movie is a spectacular summer fun ride whether you are a “Trekkie”, or like my 9 year old Star Wars crazed son, a newbie to this iconic story and its characters.

I have loved Star Trek since it came out in 1966 when I was 13. Until seeing the new movie I had never really thought how revolutionary it was in 1966 presenting a crew made up of a black woman, an Asian, a Russian, a Scot, a rebellious Iowa farm boy and an alien. 1966…43 years ago..

Today a team this diverse is not that unusual and the movie is also is a great reminder, especially in difficult times like these, what is required for any organization to succeed:

  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Intelligence
  • Competence
  • Creativity
  • Diverse opinions and discussion
  • Properly recruited people who are
  • Well trained and
  • Allowed to do their jobs and the
  • Right technology to support them

Now your business may not have Klingons or Romulans to fight but your challenges are just as real.

It is challenging times like these that demand some bold thinking and action and true team work if,  as Spock would say, you want to “Live, long and prosper”.

So on this Monday morning are you ready to say – “Beam me up Scotty”  – I am ready to go?

“Aye Captain!”….Have a good week!!