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ADP Wake Up – Employease Customers Are Really Unhappy!

June 30, 2009

14 years ago this September the 13th – 1995 –  I wrote the business plan for Employease, the first true SaaS application and the first online HR and benefits management application.

Myself, my fellow founders and a handful of founding employees worked hard to create something unique – starting with a lot of sweat equity and some of  my money for a year or so before we were fortunate enough to get great investors like Federal Partners and then Hummer Winblad who saw the company through to its success.

ADP bought the company nearly 3 years ago and for awhile I was hearing good things in the market.

Now all I hear everyday is unhappy customers who still “love” the easy to use Employease platform but can’t stand the service, or lack thereof, they get from ADP at every level. The lack of any new features in 3+ years is also taking a great platform and making it a dinosaur when once it was the undisputed leader in features, functionality and ease of use.

Long time employees continue to leave for the same reasons and the problems keep getting worse as a result.

I was hopeful when ADP bought the company that they could really take it to a new level of market penetration and functionality.

Sadly this isn’t happening – which is no real surprise – but is sad to see a great company whose team built something totally unique with terrific loyal customers being destroyed by the kind of poor service ADP payroll has been famous for for years.

ADP – wake up. You tried buying Employease for over 10 years before you finally succeeded – or shall we say were finally willing to pay a fair price for it.

You tried building a platform yourself. Wasted money buying other lousy technologies. God knows how much you wasted trying to do it yourselves and undermine Employease.

Now there are terrific new platforms out there built on the latest technologies that are much better and easier to use.

If you are a customer or partner that would like some suggestions for other services that will treat you like a valuable customer email me today.