“Going Mobile” – The Industry Radar’s New Site

On of my enduring memories of the fall of 1971 when I started college was the Who’s “Going Mobile” blasting across the quad. So now 39 years later  I am really “Going Mobile”!

Of course or nearly 3 years we have had mobile versions of most of our feeds but never a mobile site until now.

Bookmark this page and enjoy The Industry Radar home page and our always popular daily cartoon and 6 main Radars on any mobile device!

We will also be launching a dedicated mobile support center soon as well as sites for each main radar.

Still one of my favorite songs and albums you can hear it hear if you would like to.

I don’t care about pollution
I’m an air-conditioned gypsy
That’s my solution
Watch the police and the taxman miss me!
I’m mobile!

Ahh those were the days…

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