Have you Read the Insurance Reform Bill? We Are.

One of the my problems has always been that I like to do my own research and draw my own conclusions and the new Reform bill has had so many things misrepresented I  thought I would actually read it and judge for myself.

Click here to enjoy it for yourself.

Yes it is 2407 pages in 14 pt. type, triple spaced with 2 inch margins. So really it is only 700-800 report style pages and after subtracting unimportant material is likely only around 500 enthralling policy wonk pages!

The first thing I did was organize the Index to make the linked PDF easier to search and if you would simply like to see the bill’s outline click here. It is 10 pages long but provides a good overview of the bill and makes it easy to zero in on details of areas that may interest you.

We will report more in the days ahead but my first reaction to skimming most of it is that we have a responsible regulatory framework being established involving the states and NAIC to truly develop and implement the details.

Also the claim that there is little or nothing in here to bend the cost curve is clearly wrong. There are a lot of important changes in her led by technology, paperwork simplification and more.

Curl up with your computer and enjoy! 🙂

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