“Just the Facts Mam” – Finding Truth in the Health Reform Debate

There is plenty that one can argue and disagree with in the new Health Insurance Reform bill and lots of areas  not adequately addressed yet.

However, it is a start and I think it is important that we honestly appraise reality and not cooked up talking points and sound bites from the right wing media and blogosphere that are simple lies.

From here on out we will employ Joe Friday of Dragnet fame to try and get us the truth – “Just the facts mam”.

We have a addressed a few of them recently and links are below:

Bill is Socialist? – NAIC charged with implementation

Reform will cause a Dr. Shortage

Pre Ex Exclusion for Kids is Not Included

Mandates are Socialism

Insurers Rates Will Rise in 201o due to New Taxes

Nazism, Communism, Socialism … Plan

The real whopper and the hardest to understand relates to the Medicare Part D “taxes” on corporations. In essence companies have been double dipping on writing off their retiree drug expenses and getting a subsidy of $663 per retiree that they got to write off as well since 2006. Now they are losing 2/3’s of the writeoff but NOT  the subsidy. Not exactly an unfair tax on plans.

We will continue to call out any item on healthcare from either side of the aisle that is not true. if you want us to track something own let us know and we will get the “facts mam, just the facts.”

I am all for civility, debate and facts. More to follow..

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