3 More BOR Scalps to Report Due to HITECH Noncompliance!

I have gotten 2 emails in the last week from reader/brokers who had taken my posts on BORs to heart and have had success getting new clients from brokers who have neglected to get compliant with HIPAA HITECH.

From Chicago the broker wrote – ” I have been trying for 3 years to make inroads with a 700 life account in the Chicago suburbs. Their broker is ” xxxx” one of the top 3 or 4 firms in town and one of our major mid market competitors.

I called my contact there and asked them how it was going and what they had done to get compliant with the new law. They said they knew little about it.

When I told them more and about and sent them to The Industry Radar for more info. they appreciated my help.

I then asked them if their broker was using encryption for ePHI and if they had a BA agreement with them?

They did not know so they called their account manager at the broker who told them – ” as brokers we are not covered by HIPAA”.

My contact pushed this up to the the VP of HR and CFO. The CFO was friends with the broker and called him personally and relayed the account managers comments and asked what XXX was doing about HITECH. The response was silence, then ‘we are looking at it”.

The CFO was so furious he fired his friend on the spot….

I hate to say I told you so but I have on several occasions. Just ask does your broker comply with Federal law?

The other email I got was from a broker in Virginia, outside DC who picked up 2 smaller accounts recently (50-100 lives). Her story is similar except she used a local SHRM meeting to ask folks she knew about what their brokers were doing about HITECH. Several knew, most did not and she had 5 people who asked her to send them info on HITECH which she did using some of our tools.

Thus far 2 of the 5 have named her BOR.

If you are still trying to figure out what to do, not encrypting you email, have not done a full risk assessment and put your policies and procedures in place then you are vulnerable to losing your accounts and livelihood.

We can help you solve your encryption needs in 48 hours or less whether you are a 1 man shop or a national, publicly traded firm.

See all the options we offer in our RadarMail 360 suite of solutions here.

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