Another Reform Lie Debunked – No Pre-Ex For Kids is Included

In addition to blaming Health Insurance reform for:

  • A Doctor shortage
  • Socialist ideas Republicans created like an individual mandate implemented by Mitt Romney in MA

Over the weekend I have heard Republican “strategists” saying that no pre-ex for kids is a lie.

Well, it seems like Secy. Sebelius has nipped this nonsense in the bud with a very pointed to Karen Ignani, head of AHIP the insurer lobby. My favorite and very direct line:

“Now is not the time  to look for non-existent loopholes that preserve a broken system.”

The more I see of Kathleen Sebelius the more I like the former KS governor and long time insurance commissioner there. This lady knows what she is doing and is taking charge.

So one more lie is debunked with real facts…imagine that!

These facts are really pesky little critters… 🙂

3/30 – 8:45 AM – PS – AHIP and its members have already caved on this non issue.

PSS – it is post like this from my good friends at InsureBlog that misrepresent the facts and stir the pot on issues like this that serve no purpose in this debate.

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4 Comments on “Another Reform Lie Debunked – No Pre-Ex For Kids is Included”

  1. Bob Says:

    I have seen nothing in HHS Sebelius that is impressive, but to each their own. She is just another political hack who either does not understand the economics of health insurance or doesn’t care.

    As for the guaranteed issue for kids provision in Obamacare, no doubt that was the intent but it was not clearly spelled out. This is not surprising considering very few of the folks who drafted this massive tax bill have any inkling of risk management, particularly as it applies to health insurance.

    GI for kids will result in a doubling of health insurance premiums (in non-GI states) at a minimum. The public will get an idea of how much this reform bill is going to cost before the November elections by observing the impact on kiddie health insurance + risk pool premiums (which hit the streets in 90 days).

    Like with witch of the North in the land of Oz, Obamacare will start to melt when it becomes evident how much this is really going to cost.

    And no, it is not deficit neutral. Not be any stretch of the imagination.

    • John Nail Says:

      Bob we are going to fundamentally disagree on most everything on Reform I am afraid. It is the law now and we are all going to have to deal with it and try and make it better as it phases in.

      I am most interested in being sure that the facts come out and are treated as such. Some we will like, some we won’t for both sides.

      I frankly am amazed to see brokers siding with insurers in so many things going on now when we all know we cannot trust them any farther than we can throw them. AHIP is certainly not anyone I trust on anything.

      Lots of things are going to change. Many for the better for lots of people, some for the worst but contiuning to let the “system” as we know it operate like it has was not an option and you know it as well as I do.

      Would we be better off with McCainCare and the destruction of corporate sponsored benefit plans and everyone thrown on the individual market with no roadmap?? Not from what i read in IB and some of your experiences here.

  2. Bob Says:

    We have disagreed for some time on reform. Yes, for now at least, it is the law. But that does not mean it will stay as is. The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act was repealed a year later. It could happen again.

    We can agree that carriers don’t do everything right, but I don’t see any reason to trust the government who is accountable to no one. Their elitist attitude is disgusting and I see no reason to trust anything that comes out of Washington.

    The public has been lied to about the impact of this law and the day of reckoning is not far off.

    • John Nail Says:

      No one ever said I trust the government more than the insurers and the “guvmint” is NOT taking over healthcare.

      When we entered the business in the 70’s no one promised us that it would remain the same. In fact this dinosaur industry – as much as it has changed – is still in a timewarp compared to every other industry in the nation. Now it has been “toyota-ed” by reform forcing all of tts players and pieces to evolve or die.

      Name an industry that has failed to evolve like health insurance? I cannot. That torpor is over.

      Repeal is not going to happen and you know that as well as I do – either politcally or juducally. Every state has a right to opt out of the mandate – that was a Republican idea starting with Nixon – so no state rights are trampled on.

      The NAIC and all the state commissioners are integral parts of the enabling rules as well so nothing stupid is going to happen either.

      It is imposing reform and regulation on a system, or lack thereof. that does not work. Change is not going to be easy and had to start somewhere and the insurers, Pharma et al will be enormous winners as our for profit system expands.

      So will brokers IF they offer real value like the IB team does as things get more complex your knowledge and counsel become more, not less valuable, but you may need to be for for service vs. pure commission.

      I simply miss the “elitist attitude” part here.Do you mean using reconciliation? Please. The R’s are the reconciliation kings.

      The reforms will help tens of millions of people who need it, force changes in the industry, including lowering costs that are long overdue. Inertia is now broken. The winners will innovate and solve problems and the losers will whine and hope for the past.

      Individual responsibility that IB writes about all the time will be part of the change.

      You guys have a great place to lead from and not simply criticize. I hope to see more of the former as we move forward.

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