“Just the Facts Mam” – Mandates are Socialism?

So we have a new system with an individual mandate that Republicans had long favored (put forward even as an alternative to HillaryCare in 1993).

It had been championed by infamous socialists like Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, Sens. Grassley and Hatch and even seen put into play by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. Even Newt liked championed the idea in 2 books no less!

Mitt Romney’s duplicitousness is the best and easy to disprove as watching this great video where even Chris Wallace at Fox News is incredulous at Romney trying to explain the difference between RomneyCare and the insurance reform bill.

Again, whether you like the bill or not, getting the facts straight and holding leaders accountable for their words and actions is what we all need to be doing.

Looks like mandates were really popular until President Obama and the reform bill incorporated these republican ideas into the reform bill.

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