Implementing “Socialist” Obamacare Relies on the Radicals at the NAIC

Lions and Tigers and Bears , Oh My!!

Seems like the Socialist healthcare revolution of Obamacare is relying on that known troublemaking organization – the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) –  to help turn this nation into a Canadian and European clone in the Dem’s hidden agenda of government takeover of healthcare.

This article  gets to the heart of the matter!

What is this nation going to do now when the establishment insurance organization of every state, district and protectorate in the union is directly involved in the detailed policy and procedures for state level rules and implementation of Obamacare as required by the law?

As the head of NAIC put it this week in referencing HCR:

“Through it all, state insurance regulators were focused on preserving the states’ ability to protect consumers, and they were looked to as a professional and objective voice of reason by members of Congress. “

The NAIC charter has a radical agenda to help state insurance regulators achieve five primary and clearly revolutionary goals:

  1. protect the public interest;
  2. promote competitive markets;
  3. facilitate the fair and equitable treatment of insurance consumers;
  4. promote the reliability, solvency and financial solidity of insurance institutions; and
  5. support and improve state regulation of insurance.

In fact the new law requires some really Socialist actions:

“… the NAIC to help the Department of Health and Human Services develop numerous other regulations, ranging from making sure that documents pertaining to benefits and coverage limitations be standard throughout the industry, to determining how health insurance can be sold across state lines while maintaining consumer protections.”

The radical actions of this group are even focused on being sure- God Forbid –  that the voice of the consumer – the most important person in reform and cost containment – is heard.

“To ensure that consumers’ interests are at least taken into consider as the NAIC fulfills its mission, the organization several years ago established a consumer liaison committee. This year the NAIC expanded the committee to include 29 consumer representatives from across the country.”

This group – with radical members from state insurance consumer advocates and the American Cancer, MS Society and other equally socialist groups – requested these over the top radical ideas be incorporated into the NAIC work over the next 12-18 months:

* Create a publicly accessible “plan of action” developed with input from consumer representatives
* Fully incorporate consumer advocates into the NAIC health reform work plan
* Prioritize their tasks based on the needs of consumers
* Significantly expand consumer participation at NAIC proceedings.

Once again the reality of reform is solidly grounded in the systems and infrastructure established for the state based regulation of insurance.

This is really radical change that should be protested.

So we have a new system with an individual mandate that Republicans had long favored (starting as an option to HillaryCare in 1993).It had been championed by folks like Sens. Grassley and Hatch and even seen put into play by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. Even Newt liked championed the idea in 2 books no less!

This type of reform  brings current insurers 32 million new potential customers, within existing trusted organizations like the NAIC at the local state level – whether you like this imperfect bill or not – is not exactly socialism or a government takeover of the existing system.

Sounds like pretty moderate, responsible and  a lot less radical and disruptive to our industry than the 2008 Republican plan chanpioned by McCain/Palin to end the deductions for employee benefits and throw all consumers into the individual market to fend for themselves.

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