The World Did Not End Today

If you had listened to the cacophony of the Tea Partiers and Republican horde led by John Boehner you would have thought the signing of the healthcare reform bill was like the story line in 2012 – the world coming to end. Well, it is a pretty nice Spring day here in Atlanta? Is your world still intact? Today’s newsletter once again presents the best articles from both sides of the debate for your convenience.

See them all here.

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2 Comments on “The World Did Not End Today”

  1. Cathy Says:

    The sun may have come up day 1 but the taxes,and annual fees will be hitting much later. Wake up – the cost for these programs will put the insurance industry in financial trouble and we will all be enrolled in a socialized medical system, one size fits all – except the politicians they have the “Cadillac” plan. Will they have to pay more? You and I will be paying for their “cadillac plan”

    Welcome to Obamacare. Save your money now, you will need it.

  2. Bill Says:

    I wonder how everyone will like 16,000 new IRS agents checking around to make sure your covered. Did you know that we will have turn over all of our financial info to IRS including our bank account numbers in case we forget to pay they can ding our accounts. The Dems didn’t tell anyone about this . They also didn’t put the billions of cost to pay for this enforcement in the Healthcare Bill along with Doc pay which would put the Bill in the hole…Oh well I hope everyone has a nice day.

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