I Take Offense…

While the nation awaits the vote on healthcare reform something  has occurred that is so personally offensive I had to write about it here and that is the Tea Party movements disgusting behavior yesterday.

If my use of the specific words offends you I am sorry. It is intended to. The words – especially “Nigger” – are offensive and in 2010 have no place in anyone’s vocabulary.

According to this article protesters spat on a Congressman. Spat. Thats right, like some angry 3 year old that spit on a elected member of Congress. Thank God they got arrested.

They screamed out  “faggot” at Barney Frank. “Faggot”. I hope that anyone of these people who have any gay family members or co workers or God forbid friends saw this. Remember Tea Partiers that your hero Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. So what.

They yelled “nigger” at House Whip Jim Clyburn and my Congressman John Lewis – both veterans in the trenches 50 years ago of the Civil Rights Movement.

I wonder if they would have the courage to look these men eye to eye and say the word to their face?

How about our President? Do you think they would have the courage (or ignorance) to meet Barack Obama and call him a “Nigger” to his face? Or how about Tiger Woods? LeBron James? Michael Jordan? Hank Aaron?….

In the year 2010 the word ‘Nigger” is being used to attack elected leaders in this country. What is happening here?

Is this what these lunatics are teaching their children as well? If their kids used either of these words in school they would be sent home and major conferences would be called and punishment doled out…as they should be.

Regardless of how you feel about this legislation, or about Congress, I hope this behavior offends you to your core as it does me.

These morons have the right to free speech. Millions have died to guarantee that in our wars over the years.

And yes there were gay people who have fought and died for that right. Plenty of them.

There were black people who fought and died. Lots of them. Nearly 200,000 blacks served in the Civil War alone let alone those that followed.

So in 2010 this new political movement – the Tea Party – is being courted by the Republicans. By Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Jim DeMint and on and on.

Oh and by the way Tea Partiers the head of the RNC – Michael Steel – is an African American as well. Does that make him a “N***er” to you all as well?

I personally don’t like his politics, his antics or his big mouth but the name I would call him is a stupid “politician”.

I want all of you to remember that no one is totally useless they can always serve as bad example and clearly we have that writ large here.

3/22 Postscript – A member of Congress called out “baby killer” when Rep. Stupak was speaking last night so the Tea Partiers have good role models in Congress as well. Remember when Rep. Joe Wilson of SC yelled out to the president “You Lie!”.

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5 Comments on “I Take Offense…”

  1. Carolyn MIller Says:

    I am also offended, but not shocked. Since the time President Obama tossed his hat into the ring and then had the audacity to win, the handwritting was on the wall. I am glad he is our President, I am proud he is an African American (aka Black). Not all of White America is ready for a Black Man to lead the country. I am from Alaska as is Sarah Pallin, I don’t get her. I also don’t get all the people that want to jump on her bandwagon. She seems to be the epitome of let’s talk crap about the others and tear them down in order to be heard. This Tea Party crap, I’m sorry if this is what we’re headed for it makes you not want to be part of “this America”. Usually people stoop to name calling and other antics when they see that they are not getting their way. I applaud your post–but have to correct you in one way–I wish you would have said that Michael Steele is an African American, not “he is also a N***er.

  2. CNay Says:

    I am just as angry as the tea party people. I am sick of government trying to run our lives. They can’t even run an efficient DMV. But, you are absolutely correct in your assesment of the behaviors you mentioned.

  3. Jeff Miller Says:

    I am not a tea party member, nor have I ever attended one of their events. I am however politically aligned with many of their positions. I can tell you that NONE of the people I know who feel the same as I do think that the comments uttered by a few wackos reflect the majority of this movement. These few individuals are reprehensible – and I would hope the people surrounding them told these people there was no place for them there.

    My world is richly full of the individuals these nutcases denigrated, and I am glad of it. However the Tea Party movement is evidence that many Americans – good hard working people with no malice in their hearts or actions – are very unhappy with the direction some on the left seem to be taking our country. Let’s not let the actions of a few slime balls (and they exist on all sides of the political spectrum) distract us from the real issues that need to be thoroughly examined in the light of day.

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