Flo Takes on HIPAA HITECH – “Jackpot! You’re not compliant!”

Creative insurance marketing is an oxymoron I know, but Progressive’s Flo is the cream of the crop beating Snoopy, the Gecko and, yes, even the Aflac Duck!

Flo’s questioning of customers helps them craft the right solution for their needs and today she is going to help you.

Imagine if Flo were to try to help you figure out what your HITECH Compliance needs what questions she would need to ask you to put together the right plan for you:

1) Have you done a risk assessment? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

2) Have you put together a breach response process and plan? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

3) Do you have BA agreements in place with all your clients and vendors? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

4) Have you reviewed the privacy and security rule requirements in HIPAA and HITECH? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

5) Has your staff been trained on how to handle PHI? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

Whew, this is harder than any of her commericals!! Let’s try a few easier questions..

6) Do you have a Chief Privacy Officer? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

7) Is your file server encrypted? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

8) Do your employees lock their computers when they leave their desks? Sometimes…

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

9) Is there a lock on your file room door? NO?

Jackpot – You’re not compliant!

Now Flo is really frustrated. She is not used to having to ask so many questions before helping her customers so she goes for the easiest question yet…

10) Are you taking advantage of the “Safe Harbor” in HITECH and encrypting your email? NO??????????????

Jackpot – You’re really, really, really not compliant!

Sorry Flo this proved to be a harder nut to crack than you are used to.

You now are nearly a month past the February 17th compliance date and still not compliant. This is not an optional class in college but a Federal privacy law with serious penalties and reputational consequences.

Maybe you can make to this nationally published list! Or if your really lucky get audited by HHS!

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