Willis Helping To Push Healthcare Reform Over the Line!

Ok, it may be unwittingly, but the conference call that Steve Lewis. a Regional Leader for Willis participated in last week with Goldman Sachs may be the final straw to help the President seal the deal for his healthcare reform bill.

Download the full report here.

Essentially the call and Goldman report said that insurers are going to shed customers and raise rates to become even more profitable. The timing of this obvious revelation couldn’t be better – or worse depending on your point of view – when combined with WellPoint/Anthem’s PR debacle on 39% rate increases in CA and subsequent reports on double digit increases all over the nation.

All of this at a time of record profits and record executive comp.

The fact that 2.3 million fewer Americans were insured than a year ago only adds fuel to the President’s and Democrats fire that something has to be done.

My personal prediction is that the bill will pass the house, adjustments will be made in reconciliation AND a public option will pass in the Senate – 40 Senators now support it – as a result of the  timing of these events.

66% of the country supports a public option – heck 25% is already on one !!

Even Sarah Palin admits that she and her family used “hustle” over the border to get care in Canada when she was growing up.

Her own grandson Tripp  is on a public plan for Native Americans!

As the hypocrisy turns…Stay tuned the next 2 weeks will be very interesting!

PS – Thank you Joe Plumeri for allowing your team to tell the truth!

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