The First HITECH “BOR” Scalp is Recorded!

I knew it wouldn’t take long for an enterprising broker who was compliant to take a major account away from a competitor!!

Here is an excerpt of an email I received over the weekend from a broker in CA (not an Industry Radar client) :

Dear Industry Radar:

Your post a few weeks ago on BOR’s motivated me to make a number of phone calls after the February 17th deadline to see if the fact that my firm was using secure email and had our BAA’s in place would get me into some accounts that my main competitor has.

Amazingly it worked. I was 3 for 3 getting appointments because the clients had had no contact on HITECH from their broker – a prominent firm here in the bay area ….

I got one BOR on the spot for a group of 325 lives and the other 2 are still possibilities…

Thanks for all your work on HITECH and on helping me get 201o off  to unexpectedly great start!”

As we said weeks ago ” I Love the Smell of BORs in the Morning” and here is living proof that getting compliant, staying compliant and communicating client data securely will pay off for you in protecting your own business and in getting appointments and BORS.

Learn how we can help you here…

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