HIPAA HITECH for “Dummies”

HIPAA HITECH for DummiesLike many insurance sales professionals I too suffer from ADHD when it comes to paying attention to lots of details.

To date we have tried HIPAA HITECH 101, HIPAA HITECH Cliff Notes and now are launching HIPAA HITECH for Dummies to try and simplify and focus your efforts even further to help you get compliant and stay compliant.

One thing that has become abundantly clear to me over the past month as I have talked with brokers and BA’s from all over the country is that they fundamentally do not understand what HIPAA HITECH requires of them.

My unscientific stats tell me that 75% of you are totally or relatively clueless as to what is required of your organization. This is not trying to blame anyone but simply state a fact.

Many of you are jumping in with email encryption thinking that is all you  need to do or are buying CD’s on the Internet, or using tools from your “Broker Briefcase” hoping all you have to do is fill out some forms, create a binder and put it on a shelf and say they are compliant. Wrong.

Unfortunately there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, magic wand or ruby slippers to click to help you here.

And no Dorothy you are not in Kansas anymore…your business world has changed forever!

To truly meet your obligations and protect your business requires 2 major things:

1) Executive commitment

2) Risk Assessment

I list Executive commitment because I see too many firms assigning compliance as a task to a team member who is ill equipped to handle the work and complexities involved. This is not a vendor selection like buying a new computer or phone system where bids are sought, a spreadsheet put together and a decision made that a service person or even the receptionist can do.

This is the future of your business and livelihood and will involve a reengineering of how your firm operates from a privacy and security perspective. It actually requires some time and research and understanding. You will also need to spend a little bit of money and give anyone you task this with a lot of support or you will fail and your business will be at risk.

To do that a thorough risk assessment is required for the privacy, security and technical rules under the laws. Not simple stuff .

We have revamped one of key tools to try and give you a roadmap for action. We have assembled this from resources across the web, from our partners at Compliance Helper to give you a jumpstart on your compliance work.

Please use this along with our other online resources to get compliant and stay compliant.

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2 Comments on “HIPAA HITECH for “Dummies””

  1. What a great job. Thanks…it’s mapped out all of the work we’ve been trying to wade through for months.

  2. […] reality you can easily make your firm completely compliant with this “HITECH For Dummies” guide and these easy […]

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