“Rope a Nope” Tomorrow!

Whatever your political stripe or opinion on heathcare reform, which is likely different than mine, tomorrow will be an interesting event.

I said in my post the other day I am not in love with the bill at hand but I am sick and tired of the party of No. We need their ideas, not posturing on more tax cuts.

Several of you railed at me for supporting the President’s plan because it didn’t focus on the root causes of cost containment.

I am not some left wing nut like one commenter suggested. I voted Republican 7 straight times starting with Ronald Reagan in 1980. I was not fond of Clinton at all and even supported Bush twice and still don’t much care for Al Gore or John Kerry. But last year I had enough of the lies, divisiveness, small mindedness of the Republican party. I am now an Independent for most of the same reasons as Michael Smerconish.

You are ALL right there are a ton of ways to lower costs. It is not just the fatties or smokers or tort reform or wrong training of doctors or greedy hospitals that are problems. We need to start somewhere and then fix the issues we have. We will not be able to get to the root cost issues unless the system focuses on it which it will not until faced with having to .

A major part of that is already well underway.

Did you realize that? I think many of you must have been asleep since the biggest cost reduction target/opportunity is already law and being worked on – electronic health records. $22 Billion was in the ARRA aka “the stimulus bill” to do this.

HITECH is all about creating a national health information exchange and including BA’s in HIPPA privacy and security rules is all about creating a system of electronic information exchange across the healthcare information supply chain.

Estimates of eliminating redundancy in healthcare range from 25-50% of costs and a trusted patient centric record would be a huge step in that direction. That will not be easy but it is underway and required by 2014,

The reality is the US has NO healthcare system. We have a healthcare industry that is allowed to do as they please. None innovate to attract customers or control operating expenses to increase profits.

There is plenty of work to do and blame to go around on where this nation is on healthcare but this is he last chance we likely have before it takes us over the cliff.  Unless we come together and start working on problems instead of simply saying “No” and complaining that the bill was too big and now it is too short and all that baloney we will leave our kids a mess they will not be able to fix, if we even still can.

Lets all get to work together and attack this issue from all angles..together. Lets quit with the name calling and the trench warfare and do something. If we do not we will all reap the results of this vitriolic debate together and the red/blue, D/R, conservative/liberal name calling will have been our undoing.

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One Comment on ““Rope a Nope” Tomorrow!”

  1. JR Says:

    It’s not a great bill but it is something. That’s what hear and that is unacceptable. We do not want “something,” nor do we want a bill shoved down our throats so that someone can say we passed a health care bill. Let’s take three years to get the finest minds in the industries (healthcare, insurance, technology) and come up with a health care plan that takes care of everyone, reduces costs, improves efficiency, etc. I don’t want a bill – I want more reasonable health care costs and health care for every American.

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