Leading Brokers Use Encrypted Email – Why Aren’t You?

We did a little sleuthing using the Google and the tubes as well as using some of SEO tools to see what brokers we could find who were already using Zix for secure communication and the list (while by no means complete) is impressive starting with AON. When I add my clients to the list we more than double it.

Are any of your competitors on this list? They may be soon.

HIPAA HITECH provides you a way to avoid data breaches and that is encrypting your data and the leader is Zixcorp who we have partnered with to offer their best solution – ZixVPM on a hosted basis to brokers of all sizes.

The same solution AON and the carriers may have spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on you can get for $90/user/year or less than $.25 per day.

Check out the list below and click their name to see the secure portals they offer their customers…and so could you. 8 are in the Business Insurance Top 100 an 3 are Assurex partners. Aon, McQueary Henry, Black Gould, Conner Strong, Hub International, Kelly Associates, TD Banknorth Insurance, Thesco, Precept, Oswald, McGohan Brabender, The Horton Group CT Hellmuth, Scott Insurance

We can have you setup in 48 hours and secure…as well as protecting your business from your competitors who are HIPAA HITECH compliant already and using that as a way to get BOR’s.

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