IE 6 Is Dying and Industry Dinosaurs Are Evolving

Back in May we blogged about our visitor stats and how the 9 year old, security nightmare IE6 was still the dominant browser even though IE7 and IE8 were now out, let alone real stars like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and others.

It seems like many of you listened as we have had major shifts in the last 11 months.

  • IE 6 has fallen from 51.8% of our traffic to 25.3 – a whopping 51% drop.
  • All IE versions overall are now 77.1% of traffic vs 88.4% – a 13% decline

Of the IE 6 use over half of it come from 4 organizations led by United Healthcare and some portion of Marsh Mercer that still uses a “Johnson Higgins” named server. Nice to see technology leadership from 2 large publicly held industry leaders.

The best browsers have doubled their share to 20.1% as folks try them and realize that even IE 8 is an also ran:

  • Firefox – 8.3% to 13.1% – +58% (most flexible browser)
  • Safari – 1.4% to 4.1% – +258% (cleanest browser)
  • Chrome – .3% to 2.7% – +900% (fastest browser)
  • Opera et al – .1% to .2% – +200% (fast and fun)

Finally the real winner is – no surprise – mobile growth.

  • Last March it was 1.2% of our total traffic
  • That has now jumped to 3.1% for a growth rate of 260%.

A lot of folks must have upgraded Blackberries this year as they represent 2/3 of mobile visitors but iPhones are now 25% of mobile traffic and all others (Droid, Windows) make up <10% but growing rapidly.

We will be initiating a special section on the website for mobile users, adding mobile feeds for all of our radars that lack them and likely adding an iPhone app in the next few months.

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