Agents and Brokers – How to Build A Strong Online Presence for Free (Part1)

I am sure everyone’s first question is why is Julia Child’s picture in an insurance blog?

Simple, we are going to give you the recipe to create, build and maintain an online presence – website, social media and search engine visibility for free with out any techy, geeky html programming or knowledge.

Yes free. It is called ‘Web 2.0″  and if you will invest a little time, use the tools available to you it is easy, fun and powerful.

The two major components that we are going to need are a website and a social media presence.

Website – Did you know that blogs are actually websites? In fact the blog platforms like are really easy to use tools like Microsoft Word online. They allow you to “blog”, ie add comments and ideas but also use pictures, video, links to other sites and more in a very easy to use package.

So go to and get a free account, pick a theme from the hundreds they have that match your logo and get started. You can have multiple pages like a website, links to carriers, forms etc, news feeds et al

This is a far better way to create a website than the free tools from Yahoo and others and much easier and more powerful to use and maintain and it will connect to your social media tools as well.

Social Media – Are you a LinkedIn member yet? If not go to and become one. You will be amazed at how many people you know are there and how easy it is to add contacts to people you want to know there.

OK now go to Twitter – – and setup a free account there as well.

Step 1 is complete. Our next post on this will get into how we tie all these together, add some other free tools and create a truly professional online image for solopreneurs like you….for free or almost free!

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