What if it Were PITPA Instead of HITECH?

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Would you be acting more swiftly and diligently if instead of HIPAA HITECH the pending law was called PITPA – Personal Identity Theft Protection Act?

PITPA – Personal Identity Theft Protection Act – wow, that gets right to the heart of it. Who can disagree with this?

Protecting your identity is as  All American as apple pie and Chevrolet! I can hear the politicians and talking heads now going crazy over the importance of personal protection, their rights etc….

What do you think that HITECH is all about? Its about protecting not only your personal identity, but also information relating to your family’s information and further information related to your salary, benefits and healthcare data.

In fact HIPAA HITECH is all about your organization stepping up to a new standard of responsibility as a trusted advisor. You now have the same legal responsibilities a your clients and the health insurers have had for 6+ years.

Your team is now accountable to treat the data they use to provide service to your customers the way they would expect their data and that of their family to be treated.

Most professions and businesses have numerous standards to uphold. Lawyers have to pass the bar. Accountants get their CPA. Their are construction standards, educational quality standards highway standards, airline standards and much more.

What do we have in the benefits industry? A state license to pass and maintain which if that was tough for you to get then we should all be worried. Not exactly a “standard”.

Last year we reviewed over 650 broker websites to see how they reflected on key brokers around the country. The main theme of 80+% of all the local and regional brokers as to why they were different was one or all of the following:

  • We’ve been in business since Jesus was in diapers
  • Our people
  • Our service

The new HIPAA HITECH law has extended a legal standard for how your business much operate that your clients, healthcare providers and the insurers have to deal with for the last 6+ years . The breadth of this standard is only gong to grow as more states add privacy laws like MA and NV did this year. 38 states have stringent personal privacy laws in front of their state legislatures right now.

In the future (ie after 2/17/2010) one real “standard” that your business will be judged against is how compliant your organization is with Federal and state laws an how much true care and diligence it applies to working with the data your clients entrust you with.

This is a watershed opportunity for the best players in the industry to step up their game and meet this new standard to really differentiate themselves from the herd.

So instead of spending money on follow me technologies because your competitors have them invest in being serious for HITECH compliance. This will create a real measurable and definable advantage for your firm and a truly unique value propostion with your clients – we care about you and your employees and their personal and family information and all we do is reflective of that commitment.

It is the right thing to do and will create real growth opportunities as clients can really see an organization that’s differentiators are more than “people”, “service” and a date on the door.

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