HITECH Threat Management – Risk Assessment and Actions

Resources to help you – HITECH Survival Center

It would be great if we all could have a squadron of F-117’s to help protect your business from all sorts of risks but you do not.

What we do have though are some pretty specific guidelines from HIPAA HITECH on the assessments, plans and actions you need to take to protect PHI.

Simply encrypting email or password protecting files does NOT cut it. A full risk assessment and plans to address them all is required.

Looking at all the potential points of risk in your technology from incoming email through your company computers, Blackberries and servers is key.

Email encryption plugs your most potent and ever present threat but HITECH requires that PHI be protected “in motion”, “at rest” and “in process” wherever it may be.

We have world class partners to help you plug all your security risks for a lot less than a Stealth fighter! Email us and we will be glad to help.

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    nice post,good work

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