How To Get the BOR – Just Ask – “Is Your Broker HITECH Compliant?”

Resources to help you – HITECH Survival Center

Failing a HIPAA audit already cost one broker over $1M.

So it is logical that for those who have not complied yet or paid attention to their legal obligations in a timely fashion there may be an opportunity for those who are more diligent.

On 2/18 those of you brokers who are compliant might want to  launch an all out marketing campaign  on your prospects asking these basic questions:

  • Is your BA agreement up to date with your broker?
  • What has your broker done to educate you on HIPAA HITECH?
  • Is your broker offering you an encrypted email solution for communicating with them for PHI?
  • Do you know that sending census in the open with no encryption is a breach of the law?

I could add others but I suspect that one of these can get you an appointment and with the proper presentation get you a broker of record letter.

My guess based on what I am seeing is that 80% of the prospects you contact would talk to you and when they did their research and found out their brokers were non compliant you could be the winner.

Heck just an outreach using Judy Diamond or 5500 data would create havoc for your competitors having to answer embarassing questions.

If you don’t think this could happen to your organization, think again. You’ve lost accounts for much less important reasons than failing to comply with Federal law.

Trying to explain your failure to comply to the CEO or CFO of a key account – especially law firms, hospitals, banks, schools, doctors groups, governmental entities, non profits and publicly traded companies – will be an interesting and short conversation.

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