Brokers – Are You Complicit in Identity Theft?

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Would you even know if it were a problem for any of your client’s or their employees?

Put another way – if your bank or credit card company handled your personal information / PHI  the way your organization, carriers and clients handle it would you feel that your identity was secure?

I know there is not a single person reading this post that would want to have this happen, but without the proper safeguards internally and in how you exchange PHI and personal information electronically you are unwittingly opening your client’s and their employees to the perils of identity theft.

The new HIPAA HITECH law changes that by making brokers Business Associates accountable for the privacy and security – physically and online – of their clients data.

If you are passing any kind of employee specific data around electronically, even some that is partially deidentified you need to think of it not as a census or carrier bill or an enrollment form but information that could help a hacker compromise the identity of your client’s employees…or be misused by your own staff.

So if you are thinking that HIPAA HITECH isn’t all that important and that you don’t need to handle PHI differently and encrypt it, think again.

The penalties for security breaches range from $100 to $1.5 million but the reputational damage to your firm of just one incident would be devastating  in your marketplace.

Bottom line – make sure your firm treats sensitive personal information the way you would expect yours to be treated which means get HITECH compliant by 2/17!

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2 Comments on “Brokers – Are You Complicit in Identity Theft?”

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  2. William Larson Says:

    Has the webinar been archived and if so what is the link.
    Bill Larson

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