HITECH Crackdown – Will You be the Eddie Slovik of Healthcare?

Would you like to be the Eddie Slovik of 2010 in healthcare?? (If you don’t know who Pvt. Slovik was click his picture for his story).

You might get your chance if healthcare industry analysts Chilmark  are correct on their 10 predictions on security issues for 2010 . Number 4 is about HIPAA HITECH:

4) Regulatory Crackdown Increases: Not a tough prediction as the new administration has signaled that it will enforce laws on the books that the previous administration simply ignored.  With more stringent HIPAA guidelines now in play expect to see some significant fines such as the one levied against CVS for $2.25M in 2009.  IT security (software & services) will be another hot market in the healthcare sector in 2010.

Did you miss the CVS story last year? a $2.25M fine PLUS:

“HHS and FTC also will require CVS to actively monitor its compliance with the resolution agreement and FTC consent order.  The monitoring requirement specifies that CVS must engage a qualified independent third party to conduct assessments of CVS compliance and render reports to the federal agencies. The HHS corrective action plan will be in place for three years; the FTC requires monitoring for 20 years.” – HHS in their ruling on CVS

Rather than suffer the fate of being made an example of like Pvt. Slovik in 1945 ( he is the only soldier executed for desertion since the Civil War), failure to comply with  HIPAA and HITECH could land you in financial hot water and a 20 YEAR PLAN of monitoring your organization.

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