“For Your Convenience”…Forced HITECH BA Compliance

Following  up on our post on reading your BA agreements before signing them comes a truly amazing BA from Highmark and United Concordia Dental.

In trying to make life easy for their producers here is what their BA says:

That seems mighty neighborly of them to do this all on their own with no formal assent from the producer. But it does get their paperwork in order as well but I doubt that was the reason they were so helpful here “For Your convenience”…

They also require a 5 day notice of any breach from the producer – while the law is 60 days – but aw shucks this is so convenient …

The final paragraph goes on to say that this will be automatically added to their agreement effective 2/1/2010 (even though the law takes effect 2/17/2010) and reminds the recipient that they are responsible not only for full compliance with the law themselves but also for any sub producers  and communicating and getting BA agreements in place with them.

These 2 are  the only ones I have seen like this thus far that require no formal signature and a collection of BA agreements is on the HITECH Survival Center. Get your out, look them over and share them so we all can learn.

If you would like to share any your have please email them to me and we will add them to the collection.

As we said the other day you better be reading these things and taking them seriously as as a broker, consultant or other service provider you are on the hook.

More to come on this subject…

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One Comment on ““For Your Convenience”…Forced HITECH BA Compliance”

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