Yes – Our Readers Listen!! Dinosaurs Disappearing..

In early May we posted about how backward the insurance industry was in just the browsers they used.

Apparently some of you paid attention and acted to improve your web experience!! In fact over 10% of you already have in just 90 days!!!

In April Internet Explorer made up 91.2% of all of our site visits and the dinosaur from the pre – 9/11 days – IE6 was 58.3% of the IE total.

At the end of July IE made up only 87.4% of our visits and IE 6 had dropped to 50.2% of all IE visits.

The big gainer was IE8 which went from 1.2% to 9.89% of the IE totals. Firefox grew nicely from 7% to 9.14% or nearly a third.

Safari is nearly 2% now (up from 1.2%) and Opera (my favorite) and  Google Chrome both are approaching 1% from nearly nothing earlier this year.

Mobile access is now about 1% of all visits – it should be MUCH more. Look for the Mobile icon and try it on your Blackberry, iPhone  et al….they are really useful on your smartphone.

If you are still part of the 44% of our viewers using IE6 – PLEASE – try a modern browser.

All the new browsers let you subscribe to the newsfeeds you like directly in them as well as offer a more secure and faster web browsing experience.

Go hear to learn more…and join the 21st century on the web!!

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