What Clients Want from their Broker

Over the last few weeks we have reviewed and updated over 650 local and regional broker websites. The results were quite revealing but not surprising – nearly 70% of all firms sites were ranked as 1 or 2 – essentially online brochures or billboards – and less than 1 of 8 could be found when Googling for the term “employee benefits” in their area.

These results are quite telling in light of the Business Insurance survey released last week that made it clear that the size of the firm did not matter to clients but the traditional values of culture, relationships, competent and responsive people all did make the list. it is entirely possible that in light of the “too big to fail” issues our economy is suffering from that customers realize that size is often an inhibitor to success rather than one that works on their behalf.

The real surprise is for the first time the firm’s ability to leverage technology on the client’s behalf did.

Clearly a firm with a nice updated website providing online tools and value to customers is more likely to make a positive impression on customers expecting technological competence than one that is a billboard or online brochure.

So if size is not viewed as a real differentiator and technology competence is, smaller firms, or the larger ones properly focused – have a great window to innovate and compete.

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