“If a tree falls …” – Broker Website Questions

The old question of “if a tree falls in the forest and no is there to hear it does it make a sound” applies to the web as well.

The web corollary would be “If you have a website and no one can find it online does it really exist?”

The answer to both questions of course is “Yes” but merits a little discussion

I have had numerous brokers tell me that they have never gotten any business from the web. That “no one buys online” etc. That may be true for them (and you) especially if your website is not easily visible to the search engines  – and  90% of those in our survey are not.

In the case of the web there are well over a trillion searches a month. 400 million++ of those relate to benefits, healthcare and insurance in some form.

  • If just 1/1o,o00th of a percent of these found your site monthly that would be 400 visits.
  • If just 1% of these were real buyers that is 4 real prospects a month or 50 per year!

One final step if your conversion rate for prospects is just 10% then your website – if found and seen as valuable by the searcher – could produce 5 new customers. Multiply this by the average revenue that your firm generates for a new benefits client and your potential return on some modest changes is enormous. Just 1 new client would be great!

So would you rather:

  1. Have a terrific looking website that no one sees?
  2. A mediocre website everyone sees?

or the best of both worlds – a  really nice site that the search engines can find and rank?

It is not hard to do the basics to insure Google can find you. This post will give you an overview. In the very least any firm should do this just for competitive purposes.

Check out your firm on our survey and click on the “Google Rank” link for your city? Are you there on the map list or first page? Are your main competitors?  Are firms you do not consider “players” in your area there?

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