Why Are Top Benefits Brokers So Invisible on The Web?

Two major things are impacting the visibility of key brokers on the web.

The Steve Martin and “Jerk” Syndrome

You may remember this classic Steve Martin film when his character gets all excited when the new phonebook comes and he looks his name up and exclaims – ” I am somebody!” – because he is listed.

Over 80% of the brokerage firms surveyed suffer the same issue. Unless someone looks their name up specifically they are not visible on the web!

Failing the “Iceberg” Test

Why is this the case? The reason for this is that over 85% of the sites visited had focused solely on their website’s visual appeal and spent no time on the “below the waterline” fundamentals for search engine optimization or web traffic measurement or reporting.

I have heard a number of firms I have spoken with make comments like:

  • We Never have gotten any business from our site
  • Our site is really only for clients
  • No one buys on insurance the web

Only 30 sites ranked in the top 10 on Google for the query “employee benefits (their city)”, a surprisingly low figure for the largest independent firms in the country.

These comments are self fulfilling prophecies when no attention has been paid to SEO and tracking web traffic – let alone keeping their site visually and topically up to date at least yearly.

It is neither difficult or expensive to get seen online with an SEO 101 tuneup…The Industry Radar can help you

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