My Top Ten Broker Website Pet Peeves

My feelings here are not specific to broker websites – though they are full of these issues..

My Top Ten Website Pet Peeves

  • Flash intro. pages – Old and tired and annoying
  • Music – please stop its grating and unprofessional
  • Poor stock photos – you are paying so pick wisely. Not another smiling blonde!
  • Unprofessional staff photos – Put away the digital camera and hire a pro…please!
  • Firm History – Yes you were in business when Jesus wore diapers. That helps me how in 2009?
  • Office Building pictures – makes most firms look small. Seen one, seen them all
  • All flash sites – Pretty but Google can’t always spider your site
  • Frames used in design – So ’90’s! 10 year old technology that Google throws up on.
  • Client login with no explanation on the site of value prop. This isn’t “The Price is Right” and “door #3”!
  • People walking on my screen talking about your firm. It isn’t that interesting.

Your clients use well designed ( and so do you)  customer focused everyday. If yours is not on a par with their expectations and needs how long will they be your customer?

It is easy – and not expensive – to get rid of these issues and focus your site on offering solutions to your clients as well as becoming visible to the search engines…..The Industry Radar can help you.

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