“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – But Twittered and You Tubed

If you watched the traditional media all weekend you would have little idea that there has been an amazing amount of unrest in Iran as a result of the apparent Ahmadinejad re-election.

The reason is that Iran tried to cutoff all access to the outside from cell phones to text to TV and more but couldn’t shut all the modern social media channels that now exist down completely.

Several journalist bloggers, local twitterers, Facebook pages and You Tube provided a window into the violent protests that have followed this apparently rigged election.

The Huffington Post did yeoman’s work monitoring all these and aggregating the news. The NY Times had a reporter there and CNN finally started following events closely today relying on these new channels.

Twitter emerged as the lead news source. For Twitterers follow @persiankiwi, @ mousavi1388, @maydar is no longer online.

Go to HuffPo for the latest coverage and stay informed with new media.

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