At Least the Healthplan CEO’s Haven’t Flow in on Their G-5’s…Yet

Did the major health insurers hire the PR folks that worked for the Big 3 Auto companies?

As healthcare reform heats up the facts about absurd executive pay at the public and largest private health plans is coming out and it is not a pretty PR story.

In fact it  is almost more laughable (in a perverse way) than the Big 3 auto CEOS flying in on their G-5’s to beg for money or the baloney about the AIG bonuses. Here is how it breaks down

How does that compare to the reformers?

Well the President, Vice President, their Cabinet, The Supreme Court Justices, the House and Senate – 660 People – combined to earn around $100,000,000 to run the country.

I am no fan of a lot of government or many in Congress but healthcare execs making 3++ times what we pay for the entire leadership of the country is bizarre, with half of it coming from “Non-Profits” .

In the middle of health care reform, where the the for both the for profit plans and the nominally not for profit Blues plans are fighting tooth and nail to defeat real reform let’s hope that we see some attention to this absurdity.

What a PR nightmare. Maybe the laid off PR teams from the Big 3 or AIG can help them as we move forward ot shoot themselves in the foot some more.

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