Obama’s first 100 Days from HealthBlawg

Great Piece at HealthBlawg on Obama’s first 100 days…

Blawg Review #211

Cartoon by John Darkow
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President Barack Obama has completed his first 100 days in office, and while we passed that marker a week or so ago, now it’s time for a Blawg Review roundup and analysis of all that has happened in, or grown out of, that time (as blogged about in the past week, of course).  If we were to ask FOX News about Obama’s first 100 days, all we’d hear about is Socialism.  (Those FOX anchors and analysts seem to be playing a 21st Century neocon version of “Hi, Bob.”)  When the President spoke about the first 100 days himself, he reflected on issues faced to date — swine flu (I mean H1N1), the federal budget, foreign policy (involving Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan), Gitmo — and issues coming up in the near future: health care reform, new rules of the road for Wall Street, credit card consumer protection, federal budget savings, and federal contracting reform.  All that, and questions on the auto industry, torture, Arlen Specter and abortion, followed by a poetic reflection (prompted by a reporter’s question) on what made him feel surprised, troubled, enchanted and humbled in his first 100 days in office.


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