How Your Customers Are Behaving Online

Here are some of the facts that may surprise you:

  • 50%+ of all adults used some form of social media during the 2008 election cycle
  • 37%+ of adults go online 3 times a day or more to get their news
  • 30% of adults no longer have a landline telephone
  • Blackberry and the iPhone sold over 15 million units in the 4th quarter alone
  • Facebook has 200 million members
  • Linked In has 38 million members
  • Twitter grew from 6 to 9 million users in February.
  • 14.3 Billion web searches were done in March alone
  • WordPress (1 major blogging platform) has 212,000 blogs , with 161,000 new posts and nearly 42 million words today alone..

There is a huge disconnect right now between how business people behave as individuals and how their companies function in dealing with prospects and customers with quarterly newsletters and billboard websites.

Customers are clearly ahead of the curve….are they ahead of you and your organization??? If you are a broker or insurer the answer is a resounding yes…

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