Dinosaurs Roaming the Land of Brokers and Insurers

The Industry Radar has been published for nearly 3 years and one of the many things we can track (thanks to the magic of Al Gore’s Internet) is what Browser our visitors use.

I have long wondered why more of you have not subscribed to the the terrific newsfeeds we provide so I dug in and did some research and discovered that only 15% of the traffic on the web uses IE 6 anymore yet nearly 50% of you, our viewers still use it at work!!

IE 6 was Released August 27, 2001. 8 years ago! For technology, this is several  geological eras. From the heady technology days of dial up modems and 386 chips. Heck that was barely Web 1.0!

Pre 9/11 for God sake.Microsoft has released IE7 AND now IE 8 and Firefox now has 25% of the browser market. By the way upgrading to any of these browser is FREE!!!

I can also see that 98% of you are on high speed networks, less than 2% of you still use Windows 2000 and that your computers are pretty new and have excellent screen resolutions. So your companies have spent big money to give you the tools to do your job yet have shackled you with a web dinosaur – nearly dead everywhere else – “Browserus Antiquus” – but alive and well in the mesozoic Insurance world. The dreaded and reviled IE 6!

In other words using IE6 is like are using an 8 track tape in an iPod World!

In digging deeper I looked at my viewer logs by the company they originate from (thanks Al!) and it got even uglier. Who among you uses IE 6?

  • Every major broker/consultant – Yes Aon, Mercer, Willis, Lockton, Hub, Towers, Watson Wyatt and Hewitt and more.
  • Every major health insurer- welcome to the past United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Coventry, Health Net, most of the blues plans et al
  • All the ancillary carriers –  Great work Unum, Standard, Assurant, Hartford, Sun, Pru, Met, Reliance, Guardian, Lincoln et al

Thought leaders? Client focused? Service providers? Advice givers to major US businesses? Many of you can’t even fully experience the content on your own websites!

What would the Wall Street Analysts think of these pillars of capitalism if they knew?

Even after all my research I still could not believe it so I called a friend at a major industry association that serves carriers to share this with him. He told me that they too had over 50% of their website users still on IE6!!

Folks, there is not a single reason today to keep using one of the old versions of IE. NONE!

They’re prone to severe security vulnerabilities, they’re not standard compliant, they’re buggy, they don’t have all the features that all modern browsers have like subscribing to RSS and news feeds and much more. Moreover, they compromise your web experience as a user.

So lets be clear here. While the vast majority of web users – ie your clients – use IE7 and other modern browsers like Firefox, many of you all are living in a pre 9/11 world.

I love dinosaurs but it is time  to say goodbye to IE 6 and go and get a new, real modern browser and join the web 1.0 world. Once you do that we will start working on the web 2.0 part and you will find what you have been missing on the web.

PS – PLEASE click these links to get the latest IE8, last generation IE7, my favorite Firefox or Safari, Opera or Chrome NOW and join the 21st century web experience with world class security, faster speeds and a richer web experience.

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