Our Blog Debuts – In Honor of J. Peter Hepburn CLU

The Industry Radar is now blogging!

This blog is dedicated to the man who got me started in the group insurance business at Unionmutual in 1975 – the late J. Peter Hepburn CLU. Peter was the consummate “group man”, a student of the business, a great team builder, leader mentor, and coach.

Peter was the first person I ever remember using the phrase – “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. He must have said it over a Budweiser at The Green Derby, or the Billy Munk, or tallboys from Gristedes or more likely sitting around his office after work with a Bud from our “beer” vending machine (a converted Coke model).

34 years later that phrase is more true than ever in dealing with an ever more complex business and world and the technologies that impact our lives and business.

In addition to the qualities listed above Peter was also a visionary and bit of a maverick and at times a tad irreverent and non-traditonal in his approach to the business.

In other words just what we need today!

“This one’s for you”  – Peter!

Stay tuned for unique views of our industry that will make you think, react and hopefully gain a new perspective for what is truly possible in employee benefits, healthcare, human resources et al – i.e. ‘The Global Business of People”.

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